Why work with us?

Today, with the help of modern music technology almost anybody can create acceptable, average quality applied music. However, we aim to stand out of the average with the following extras and strengths.

- Custom Temp Track services, Music Supervision- Precise communication- Team work- Multi-genre competence- Hyper-realistic virtual instruments + LIVE recordings- International professional standards- 360 degrees audio services
We start planning music earlier
We offer compiling temporary tracks way before the picture lock phase. We work together with the director and editor from early on to help define the right musical concepts of the film by selecting temporary music and providing consultation. Our cost effective solutions include offering various musical directions using our own stock music clips as well as external reference tracks before starting the composition processes. We also offer handling complete Music Supervisor tasks, including the management of external music groups and performances. This way you can leave to us all music-related tasks of films that use both original scores and synched songs.
We understand our job
Right communication helps avoiding extra work resulting from misunderstandings, thus helps saving time and money. One of our extra strengths lies in the accurate cross-checking of briefs and in early suggestions on vital aspects. We have remarkable routine in understanding directors’ instructions and converting them into forms of musical expression – may those instructions be formulated in basic every-day language or using abstract terminology.
We are a team of composers
In case of large projects we cooperate as a group of composers. Each member is good at different genre fields and different sub-tasks. All our co-op tracks are created under guidance of our most suitable composer supported by ideas and work of many other professionals.
We are at home in many styles
“Due to my passion for many different musical cultures I always simultaneously studied classical music and jazz, as well as pop rock and electronic genres. I gained extensive practical experiences as a performing artist being active in various ensembles ranging from classical choirs and chamber groups to jazz and pop/rock bands. My doctoral dissertation focuses on communication aspects and composition techniques in classical/pop genre-blending works. I am able to easily imitate different musical styles and genres in order to represent historical periods, locations or personal traits within film projects.” – Balázs Alpár
More than realistic sound
The mastery of using and programming state-of-the-art virtual software instruments enables us to produce extremely realistic-sounding electronic soundtracks featuring ensembles of any size from small chamber groups to epic-scale symphonic orchestras. However, we always lay emphasis on incorporating organic sounds of real live instruments and sound sources, even in low-budget projects for which we can provide cost-friendly, yet top-quality additional recordings made in our home studios. For mid- and premium-category projects we offer solutions including the hiring of Fugato Orchestra – a sympho-electric fusion chamber orchestra specialized in genre-blending music, as well as managing large orchestral recordings.
We think globally
We constantly expand our knowledge gathered from top professionals (like Oscar-nominated Klaus-Peter Sattler) in world-wide acclaimed academic institutes by regularly participating in international workshops and conferences, so we can always measure and refine our skills in a global context.
We sound big
The high quality of our audio editing mixing and mastering services is guaranteed not only by our audio engineer diplomas but also by our extensive infrastructural network. We deliver our musical products in the highest quality, in final mastered versions, optimized on demand for different media from mobile devices to movie theaters.

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