Working on a new animation series

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7 funny characters (the “KUFLIs”) from András Dániel’s successful children’s book come to life in the new series “Egy kupac kufli” by Kedd Animation Studio. Music and sound design by Balázs Alpár.
Main Title Song (feat. Peter Scherer):

…another piece from the soundtrack:

We recorded and designed special sounds for each of the 7 characters. All the sounds had to suit the personality of the given character as well as its visual appearance, plus they had to sound good together when all 7 characters are jumping together.
I recorded some funny sounds using various sources found in our kitchen to create the sounds we hear in a scene where the KUFLIs are digging holes into the ground.


Recording sound fx with director Szabolcs Pálfi and animation supervisor Kristóf Jurik.


Mixing in Budapest’s best studio for film sound, the Gaston Studio


The KUFLIs will be out soon in cinemas, tv and streaming channels.